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Average Penis Size

You must understand that the size of your penis is to some men the measure of your man hood. You wonder if you will measure up to other guys. I am sure you know a few of your friends that you grew up with are hung like horses. You know what I am sure almost everybody in your neighborhood knows cause word travels fast.

So what if your penis size doesn’t measure up to those couple of guys that you first saw in gym class. You do have several options to improve the size of your penis, but first you should learn how to be the best lover you can be. Penis size is not the only solution to improving your sex life, but it can certainly have an effect on it

Let me first tell you what the average penis size is before you rush right out and start buying any penis enlargement device or program that you find. Because I would also like to tell you which device is going to be the most effective.

The average penis size is 5 to 6.5 inches long when erect. And are you ready for this 90% of men fall into the average penis size. So most men that feel like their penis is so small probably really aren't that far from the average, but there’s no arguing with a man that feels as if he has a below average penis size.

If you are insecure about the size of your penis there are plenty of options. You should begin by doing some research about the many avenues of getting your penis size bigger. For example, doing penis exercises or taking enlargement pills can be good start.

If you want to permanently increase the size of your penis than you should look into the benefits of the traction device, which is also referred to as the penis extender. This is the most effective way to increase the size of your penis.