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Better Semen

In order to get your wife pregnant it doesn’t mean that you need to produce more semen. What you need to do is produce better quality sperm, and there has been a study done by a team of doctor’s proving that if you ejaculate on a daily basis than your sperm will have less damage.

Listen it only takes one sperm to make a baby, so there is no need to hold off on sex to get that large amount of semen inside of her. It just isn’t the best method. It’s much more beneficial for you to ejaculate on a daily basis and allow new sperm that will be stronger and healthier meaning they will be less damaged and you will have a better chance of impregnating your wife.

This study was completed by a team of Australian doctors and the findings are absolutely amazing. And it has actually helped many couples have a baby that didn’t think that they would be able to. Of course this doesn’t mean that every single man is going to be able to have a baby if they were told they are infertile, but it greatly increase a majority of men’s sperm.

There have been many thoughts that if you refrain from having sex longer than you would be able to get pregnant easier because the amount of semen that a man will ejaculate after not having sex for an extended amount of time is so great. But this study has shown us different. Yes there will still be a large amount of semen, but the sperm is not going to be able to live long enough to travel into your wife and get her pregnant.

Men show this study to your wife so that she knows that you are not just trying to get more sex out of her. If she wants a baby she is going to want to begin having sex with you everyday so that you can start producing better sperm.

There are also some herbal semen enhancement pills that are know to increase the mobility and quality of semen production. If you are concerned about either the quantity or quality of your semen there can be many benefits to improving it.