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Hot G Vibe Review

My partner and I have good sex and I can’t complain.  But if we can make it better, I’m open to trying some sexual enhancement product that would take our sex life to the next level.  I am aware that some women have difficulty achieving orgasm and that can get frustrating not only for them but also for their partners.  I notice that not having an orgasm tends to make them lose interest in sex.

I tried the Hot G Vibe Cock Ring.  I wasn’t sure it would deliver the pleasure that I was looking for – for her and for myself.  I had been disillusioned once or twice before, falling for hype.  Or else the products that were hooting for erection enhancement were too cumbersome, curtailing enjoyment.

I was pleasantly surprised.  It was the best G-spot vibrator for my girlfriend.  When we used it the first time, she came so quickly I didn’t even have time to engage in foreplay. The second time, we had to practice more self-control because once we turned on the tiny motor, it didn’t stop.  The thing to remember though is if you want to prolong the pleasure, you need to withdraw once you feel the orgasm coming because this sex toy can sure work overtime!  Battery power?  Absolutely not a problem – it can run for two hours straight!

The Hot G Vibe was cleverly designed as a clitoral stimulator and a G Spot vibrator.  I did an experiment once and put three of them in different sections of my penis, just to make sure everything was right on target.  My girlfriend was speechless.

This erection enhancer is made of a soft rubber gel band that is flexible and stretchable.  It won’t break and the excellent quality of the silicone ring won’t cause any redness or swelling. 

Ever heard of auto-pilot sex?  I think the Hot G Vibe penis ring can take over!