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Penis Enlargement Device Testimonials

I have no regrets investing the money that I did on this product because I’ve tried others and had bad experiences. I can’t stress how liberating it feels to actually forget that you are even wearing such a device. I grew nearly double than what I had anticipated simply due to the fact that I could wear it for longer periods of time in ease.

  • James F. California

I’ve been using the extender device for sometime now. I use it 3-4 times a week for a good 4-5 hours every time. I’ve so far I gained close to 2 inches in length and some girth. I’m going on my 7th month and so far so good 1 more inch and I’m retiring this puppy!

  • Eric B. Quebec

What I have noticed is a small improvement of girth but mainly I find the strength of my erections has increased due to the encouragement of the tissues in my penis. The extender device is the method to go with.

  • Gary S. Illinois

If I had to take a guess I would say I've gained an inch in flaccid state...I haven't noticed much gains when erect though so I'm just loosening things up for a starter but man it's so nice to not seem so small when not shy at all changing at the gym.

  • Shane M. Florida

Hey what’s up I purchased the device from the internet and received it in good time when I first used it I knew it would work and kind of sounds immature but I got so excited about putting this on? I realized 4 months later I was missing parts so, I contacted my vendor and he sent them no problem because you don’t add extension bars unless your growing!

  • Jim K. Atlanta