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Penis Enlargement Risks

Surgical penis enlargement is something that you should think good and hard about. There are many downsides to having this surgery. In theory it sounds like the best idea in the world, the price is usually the determining factor in whether you go through with it or not. Let’s look a little deeper into surgical penis enlargement, and see if you still believe that this surgery is the answer to your prayers.

The two types of surgical penis enlargement will improve your girth and the other will improve your length but both have some scary potential risks.

Did you know that there is the risk of going into an operating room with the intentions of walking out of the hospital with a little less room in your pants, and walking out of it with more space then you previously had. This is the risk that you are taking when you go for the penis lengthening surgery.

The penis lengthening surgery is going to increase the size of your penis when it is flaccid,  but it is not going to make any difference on the size of your penis when it is erect. Really what’s the point, I mean it’s great and all but I really want both.

The penis widening surgery has a whole different set of risks, and can be a huge waste of money and time. There are some girth enhancement procedures that involve fat injection into your penis. This is much like that of botox injections into the lips of women. Getting fat pumped into your penis has only a 30% chance of taking. Not good enough odds for me. But I would take that risk over the risk of never having the ability to get an erection again. I don’t even want to think of that, never mind subject myself to that type of risk.

For those who really are interested in penile augmentation surgery be sure to do your research since there are many risks involved and the complications can be quite extensive.