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Penis Exercise Tips

Before you rush out and begin purchasing every possible make and model of the many different penis enlargement devices you should first read these tips on how to make your penis larger. There is nothing worse than injuring your penis.

If you plan on doing the penis exercises then read these tips on how to make your penis larger to prevent you from straining your penis.

Tip One: Overdoing the exercises is not going to make your penis get bigger faster. The only thing that you are doing is increasing the risk of injury.

Tip Two: It’s important that before you begin any penis exercise that you warm up. This warm up is not going to be running for ten minutes on the treadmill or riding a bike. To warm up you will need to heat a towel in hot water or in the microwave and wrap your penis for at least five minutes. This is going to help promote a good flow of blood and loosen up the penis.

Now if you plan on using one of the many types of penis enlargement devices than you will need to be sure that you follow these tips on how to make your penis larger with penis devices.

Tip One: With some penis devices you have the ability to wear out in public, as long as you wear clothes that are baggie enough to conceal the extra bulge. Wearing a penis extender for extended periods of time is going to give you the best results.

Tip Two: Vacuum pumps can cause damage to your penis if you over use them. Be sure to carefully read the correct amount of time that you should be using them. You have the risk of causing swelling and bruising that can cause temporary impotence. It is not recommended to use an air pump except in cases of severe erectile dysfunction

Follow these tips on how to make your penis larger and you will be well on your way to increasing the size of your penis safely.