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Vacuum Penis Pumps

When the subject comes up about the vacuum penis enlarger the first reaction is to laugh. This type of penis enlargement device has been somewhat of joke for many years, and I believe this is just one of those things that most men wonder about but never want to admit that they did.

Here’s the thing, the vacuum penis pump will actually increase the size of your penis, but in an artificial way that bears many risks, and the effects are very short lived.  For real permanent penis enlargement the medically recommended way is with the use of a traction device, that does not require any form of vacuum suction

Vacuum pumps work by removing all of the air around the penis, this is going to cause the pressure to increase the blood to your penis and increasing the girth of your penis.

One main problem with the vacuum penis enlargers is that once you stop using it you have just a few minutes before your penis will begin to deflate back to normal size. There is of course a method that you can implement in order to keep this from happening and that is by using a constriction ring. A constriction ring allows you to hold the increased size for a longer time, this device wraps around the base of your penis.

Another problem associated with penis pumps is that you will need to use it every time just before you are intimate with a woman and the results will only last for the first few minutes, so you would have to rush to begin. This is not something that is appealing to many men. Taking your time is often part of the fun.

There are many disadvantages to using a vacuum penis enlarger. If you understand what these are then it will be easier for you to determine whether or not it is something that you would be happy with using. The only recommended time to be using a vacuum penis pump is in cases of severe erectile dysfunction.